I began my career in hairstyling at the Aveda Institute in St. Petersburg, FL. After graduating I decided I belonged back in New England, where I grew up. Boston was the natural choice. I did a lengthy apprenticeship and became a stylist at Umi Salon on Newbury Street, where I worked for 5 years. Now I'm doing something I never thought I would, working at my own salon!

I love doing hair; it really is such a fun job! Making people look beautiful and feel good about themselves is a truly rewarding experience. Where I stand apart from most stylists is with the emphasis I put on educating my clients on how to really style their hair at home. What good is getting a great haircut if it only looks good the day you leave the salon? My clients have become my walking advertisements because they keep up the style on a daily basis, which is awesome for both of us!


After receiving my cosmetology license I began an extensive apprenticeship at Umi Salon on Newbury Street, one of most prestigious salons in Boston. It was there that I developed a unique ability to merge my clients' vision with my own. After three years at Umi I sought a new challenge and joined James Joseph salon, where I expanded my skill set to include new styles and hair techniques. Co-owning Station 34 is the most exciting experience I've had yet, and we have only just begun!

As a little girl I loved experimenting with different styles of hair. Whether it was my own, my sister's, or even my dolls', hair has always been a passion of mine. Over time, my passion has only intensified. Although it was my creativity that initially attracted me to this industry, I didn't realize how much I would enjoy meeting new people and building strong relationships with my clients. A big thank you to all my amazing, loyal clients and I look forward to the challenges my new clients will bring!