Kind Words

Kelly has been my stylist for 3 years. When I first came to see her, my hair was a mess! I had these awful streaky highlights that were washing me out and frying my hair. Kelly explained to me that if I went toward something more natural, meaning brown hair with the blonde highlights, it would be much more flattering on my skin, and wreak less havoc on my hair! I had heard this song and dance before; you come in a blonde, and leave with hair that was way darker than you wanted. Kelly promised me she would not cross that line. She definitely delivered on the promise! My hair became the perfect blend of a rich beautiful brown, with meticulously placed golden-blonde highlights. She also layered my long hair beautifully. Where I really saw the difference between her and most stylists was when she taught me step by step how to blow dry my hair! I have struggled for years trying to recreate the styles I would get in the salon. With Kelly's instruction, I have learned to blow dry my hair and make it last for several days. It has honestly changed my life! I recommend her to everyone I know!

— Allison, Boston

I've tried many different things and many different hairstylists on my hair. In fact, I've always had the attitude that life is short so why not? But a funny thing happened when Marissa started styling my hair several years ago -I stopped seeing other stylists and discovered a beautiful pixie cut I adore! When we first started working together, we were still trying different things with my hair. But as our relationship evolved she discovered the exact cut I love that works for my hair and my lifestyle, and now she maintains it for me. I always look forward to my monthly cut and color with her, because each and every time she gives it just a little new oomph of life. I have never had a bad hair day since she came into my life, and people always complement my haircut. She has some serious skills and I'm fortunate to have her as my hairstylist!

— Maria, Jamaica Plain

Kelly and I have been friends for nearly 10 years, and though I have always been supportive of her career as a stylist, I will admit that I had been very hesitant to allow her to do my own hair. I had the same stylist for 15 years, and the very few times I strayed from her were anything but successful. It was because of my past experience that I was so resistant to allow anyone else, including Kelly, to style my hair.

Two years ago, however, I decided I needed a change so I finally asked her to give me a haircut and color. The result was unbelievable, I was so happy with the work that she did. She is a true perfectionist with an incredible attention to detail and an amazing eye for what will look good on a person. Since that first visit, I have referred friends, coworkers, and even my mother to Kelly, every one of them raves about how much they love the work she does. I am not sure why I waited so long to go to her, but now that I have there is no one else I would trust to do my hair.

— Kayla, Cambridge

Not once have I left Marissa disappointed. My hair cut, color and style have never been anything but perfect. I walk out of the salon feeling like a million bucks. I have been going to her for the past 6 years and I can't imagine going anywhere else. Marissa has a true talent when it comes to hair. I'd like to say how happy I am to have found a hairdresser that listens and advises. I actually enjoy going to get my hair done. Marissa is a joy to be around. Her charismatic personality makes you feel like you're hanging out with a friend. I have the utmost respect for Marissa and her amazing hair styling skills that I would follow her anywhere she goes. Starting at UMI, then James Joseph, and now J. Earley's. I highly recommend Marissa to everyone. She will exceed your expectations no matter what they are. She is truly an expert when it comes to hair.

— Jessica, Boston